Glendale ANC Efforts Prompt Glendale Unified School District To Post

05.12.2007 10:12

In the wake of an outpouring of community concerns – and a formal
protest by the Armenian National Committee – Glendale chapter – the
Glendale Unified School District announced yesterday that a three-day
seminar that was to be conducted by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) at
Herbert Hoover High has been postponed due to the sponsor’s opposition
to Congressional legislation recognizing the Armenian Genocide.

"The Armenian National Committee – Glendale Chapter welcomes this step
by the Glendale Unified School District Administration to postpone
this seminar until parents, teachers and students have a chance to
carefully consider the implications of having the ADL – a group that
is working with Turkey to prevent the recognition of the Armenian
Genocide – teaching our schoolchildren about tolerance and human
rights." Said ANC-Glendale Chapter, Executive Director, Elen Asatryan.

The seminar, which was to be on the topic of "A World of Difference,"
is billed as an education and diversity training resource program
that seeks to help participants explore prejudice and bigotry,
examine diverse viewpoints, and combat racism.

Upon learning of the seminar from concerned parents, ANC-Glendale
Chapter contacted the GUSD board members and district officials to
voice concerns about the mixed message that an ADL program would
send students about tolerance, and diversity, and human rights. After
investigating the issue, GUSD postponed the scheduled seminar.

The ADL has been embroiled in a national controversy over its vocal
opposition to the Armenian Genocide resolution in the United States
Congress. ADL National Director Abraham Foxman has publicly labeled the
Armenian Genocide resolution as "counterproductive" and has followed
Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan in calling for joint commissions to be
established regarding the genocide. In response, numerous New England
towns have disassociated the selves from the ADL’s "No Place for Hate"
(NPFH) program, citing the fact that the ADL cannot, on the one hand,
stand for human rights, and, on the other, defend the genocide denial
campaign of the Turkish government.

"It’s unfortunate that an organization that professes tolerance and
truth won’t support the truth and facts of the Armenian Genocide. They
are hiding behind Turkish denials and its my hope that they would
support not only this [Armenian Genocide] resolution, but support the
true recognition of the Armenian Genocide," noted GUSD Board President,
Greg Krikorian. "Once this happens, we’d be more than happy to welcome
them to our district, where they can help educate our students of
tolerance and working together as a community, but it troubles me
that an organization can’t be true to themselves," added Krikorian.

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