NKR: New tendencies in economic and tax spheres

Azat Artsakh Tert, Nagorno Karabakh Republic
Nov 28 2007

New tendencies in economic and tax spheres

Today the next session of the NKR Government took place, headed by
the Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunian. In the agenda, basically the
questions of economical and tax essence were embraced. Before
returning to them, the head of the Government informed all the
participants and organizers of national moneycollection taken place
recently, that the defined part of the collected sum would be used
correctly and purposefully to the foreseen programs – to
socio-economical development of Martuni region of Artsakh. By the
performance of the NKR Minister of Finance Spartak Tevossian, at the
session changes and additions "About NKR budget system" and "About
official paysizes of leaders of the bodies of NKR legislative, acting
and judicial powers" were made. In connection with the first bill it
was noted, that with new changes and additions henceforth a united
state budget would act. About official paysizes it was stated, that
by the new bill a number of paysizes of officials would be raised,
according to which a definite balance would be created in that
system. From January 1st,2008, particularly official paysize of NKR
first deputy minister,the first deputy chief of Police of the NKR
Government and the first deputy director of National Security Service
was fixed 220 thousand drams, instead of the previous 180 thousand
drams.The Government approved the NKR bill "About purchases". By the
explanation of the Prime Minister, the previous law didn’t satisfy
today’s state demands. At the session the NKR Minister of economical
development Benik Babaian represented the questions of economic
blocks. The Minister emphasized, that four new directions were fixed
in the document – subsidy of crediting rates, credits, disposal of
references. The Government adopted a program again about development
of NKR tourism of 2008. For its development the state coming year
would allocate 10 million drams, which would be used for carrying out
researches and realization of other preliminary works. At the end of
the session of the Government the NKR Minister of Finance S Tevossian
and then the Prime Minister A.Haroutyunian instructed the leaders of
separate departments to fasten the preparation of the documents
connected with NKR state budget of 2008. It was foreseen to discuss
in the Government the main financial document of the republic till
December 1st,2008. (Administration of relations with the NKR
Government’s information and community).

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