"Erebuny Has Turned Into A Criminal Commune"


[01:35 pm] 30 November, 2007

While crossing the streets of Erebuny community you feel as if you are
in a frontier village. The constructions of the neighboring communes
arouse envy among the commune inhabitants.

"Once the flats of Erebuny were of great demand. Today things have
changed, and nobody seems to be interested in the commune because of
its dirty streets and shabby houses," an elderly pensioner told A1+.

"Aresh has turned into a criminal district. People speak of the
district head with great caution. During the elections the acting
district head Mher Sedrakian was the only candidate as he had
threatened all his contenders," he adds.

Erebuny is the only commune without a church.

"Though a church is being built in the commune I have an impression
that it will never be finished. The construction has been underway
for 2 years," an elderly woman told us.

Most of Levon Ter-Petrossian’s relatives live in
Erebuny. Ter-Petrossian’s nephew Tigran Ter-Petrossian was elected
to the Alderman during the elections of self-government bodies.

Inhabitants think that the upcoming elections will be rather tense in
the commune as Ter-Petrossian’s proponents are comparatively larger and
Republican Mher Sedrakian will take every measure to rig the election.

I hardly remember an election conducted without faking. During the 2007
parliamentary elections there were scuffles almost every day. Unless
they reach an agreement, the atmosphere will not quieten.