Semneby Says Interruption Of Karabakh Talks Dangerous


15.11.2007 16:10

YEREVAN (YERKIR) – EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus
Peter Semneby said in an interview with Mediamax that "Armenia has
not only assumed political commitments, but has also taken serious
steps for their implementation."

"Certainly, there are issues that still need to be improved,
e.g. it’s necessary to establish a mechanism for better coordination
of accomplishment of the commitments. However, on the whole, Armenia
has demonstrated a serious approach to its commitments," Semneby said.

Commenting on the expectations from the forthcoming presidential
elections in Armenia, the EU Special Representative said: "We expect
that the presidential elections will correct the shortcomings of the
2007 parliamentary elections. In particular, problems were observed
in the activity of precinct electoral commissions and during ballot

"The fact that the National Assembly election in Armenia got a high
evaluation of the international observers was very important, since
this was the first poll in the region after the signing of the European
Neighborhood Policy Action Plan. These elections proved that Armenia
maintains its loyalty to the development of democratic institutions
and set the quality of our future cooperation," Peter Semneby said.

Commenting on the Karabakh talks, Semneby said that both Armenia and
Azerbaijan realize the danger of interrupting the talks.

"Despite all the disappointments, the talks continue. I think both
sides realize the danger of interrupting the talks. In this uncertain
situation it would mean that everything we have achieved in those
years in the framework of the Prague process will disappear. It would
be difficult to resume the talks regardless who is elected president
in Armenia or Azerbaijan," he said.

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