Russian MP: Kosovo Situation Is Really Unique, But Can Be A Preceden


Regnum, Russia
Nov 15 2007

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk’s statement on Kosovo
can be connected with the fact that Ukraine is trying to assent to
the West because of its aspiration to NATO and the European Union,
member of the Russian State Duma Committee for Foreign Affairs Andrei
Klimov told a REGNUM correspondent today.

"Open a vocabulary. Precedent is an occasion or an event that took
place in the past and can serve as an example or ground for analogous
action in the present. A unitary state can disintegrate without
approval of the UN Security Council grounding on an opinion of only
one of the parties. It is a precedent, which is quite dangerous for
Ukraine," Klimov believes. "If there is such an initiative regarding
Crimea and it is supported by some countries, not necessarily by
Russia, Ukraine will have a lot of problems," the MP cited the
analogy. Klimov also noted that, according to expert estimations,
if a precedent is established, within next 15-20 years 50-60 more
countries will appear on the global map, and they would not be
consignatory parties to any international treaties. "Attempts to
establish states on athnic or language grounds is a dangerous way
that can bring to a dead-end," Klimov said.

As REGNUM reported earlier, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Arseny
Yatsenyuk, while speaking at a news conference at the first
international forum in Kiev titled "Settlement of frozen conflicts in
the context of security and stability in Black Sea area," said that
the situation in Kosovo is unique, so it cannot become a precedent
for regions like Transdnestr, Ossetia or Nagorno Karabakh. Besides,
Yatsenyuk stressed that there would be no conflicts analogous to those
in Transdnestr, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, in the Ukrainian territory.

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