Inflamed Passions Prevail Over The Political Domain


Hayots Ashkharh Daily
Nov 15 2007

Interview with the leader of Christian-Democratic Union Khosrov

"Mr. Harutyunyan how is the Christian-Democratic Union planning to
run for the forthcoming presidential elections have you adopted any
form of participation?"

"We account our political programs and actions by the fact that
Armenia is not a country of the transitional period any more and it
has entered the phase of the second generation qualitative reforms.

Christian-Democratic Union observes the developments after the
parliamentary elections and the forthcoming presidential elections
as the steps that tend to the qualitative reforms.

At present we vigilantly follow the political programs, which are in
conformity with our standpoints. We are not going to support this or
that candidate; we are going ground our attitudes and we will also
clarify why the program approaches that we chose is preferable to us.

We attach greater importance to the parliamentary elections. The
Constitution has envisaged an exclusively responsible role
for the parliament. And for us the programs represented by the
parliamentary-political majority are of greater interest. The action
plan introduced by the Republican Party is in compliance with the
approaches of Christian-Democratic Union.

Of course there are certain reservations. During the forthcoming
presidential elections we will follow the process of the clarification
of those reservations. By and large it is not excluded that
Christian-Democratic Union will support Serge Sargsyan’s candidacy."

"What is the picture of the political domain where the people must
do their election?"

" There are some principal factors that influence the political
developments. Unfortunately a thick layer of society perceived
the Parliamentary elections as the first stage of the presidential
elections. For Christian-Democratic Union the Parliamentary election
is a political event, no matter when the forthcoming presidential
elections will be hold.

We believe the Presidential elections must confirm the political
program approved by the people during the parliamentary elections.

Today, unfortunately the political reality is far not like that
and most probably because of the behavior of our pro-opposition
powers. When a thick layer of pro-apposition powers decided to
boycott the Constitutional Referendum without grounding their step,
they failed. Whereas it is evident that Constitutional reforms create
favorable conditions. The political opposition failed over again
when they considered the parliamentary elections as the first stage
of the presidential elections. Thus they lost everything.

All this is evident in the political domain. Today political
developments need new commentaries. Otherwise the political opposition
will have nothing to do. This is the reason of the developments in
the opposition domain.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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