BAKU: Armenian Professor: Maybe The Churches, Which Armenians Claime


Azeri Press Agency, Azerbaijan
Nov 12 2007

Armenians tried to hold an exhibition "Armenian monuments in
Nakhchivan" in the Public Library in the city of Glendale, situated
near Los-Angeles and compactly populated by Armenians.

APA’s US bureau correspondent reports that false and separatist
statements were made about the history and cultural monuments of
Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

Armenian professor, deputy director of Armenian Agency on Protection
of Historical and Cultural Environment Agram Ayvazyan claimed at the
opening ceremony that there were 27,000 Armenian monuments, churches
and graves in the present territory of Nakhchivan and even claimed
that one of the 13 Armenian churches here was built 2000 years ago.

Asked by APA’s US bureau correspondent why he did not speak about
Alban churches in Nakhchivan Ayvazyan did not answer for some time
and later: "Maybe the churches, which Armenians claimed to be theirs,
belonged to Albans," said.

Ayvazyan said that one of the churches was destructed in the framework
of struggle of Soviet Union to religion. Ayvazyan replying to the
question of one of the Azerbaijanis "you did not find evidence proving
that castle writings, earthenware belong to Armenians said that there
is no need to those facts. He sounded the same answer while replying
to the question regarding Khudaferin Bridge.

Glendale is the biggest city of America where the largest Armenian
community lives, but no 80-100 Armenians attended the event. No
any foreign guest participated in the event except 6 Azerbaijanis,
therefore Armenians started the event in their native language at
first. After question of Azerbaijanis interpreter was presented
to Ayvazyan.

Armenians held the analogical event not long ago. The event was not
success after interference of Azerbaijani students.

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