Are Conditions At Bakeries Satisfactory?

Anahit Danielyan

09-11-2007 13:07:50

We have already informed about the monitoring of major bakeries of
Stepanakert by a group led by the head of the Oversight Service of
the prime minister Carlen Petrosyan. The monitoring checked four
parameters: weight, quality, price, and conditions.

The monitoring results suggest that the weight of loafs complies with
the regulations. As to quality, the specimens of bread were sent to
laboratory and the results will become known later. With regard to
price, the monitoring concluded that the price of bread is up because
the price of flour is up. "The price of bread is stable. The rumors
that someone is benefitting from raising the price of bread are not
true. The price of flour went up by 10-15 percent, the price of bread
went up by 6-7 percent," Carlen Petrosyan says.

The monitoring group included journalists as well. Most of them
visited at least three bakeries. Experts say the sanitary and hygiene
conditions were not satisfactory. However, the conclusion of the
group released later ran that the bakeries mostly comply with the
regulations. Carlen Petrosyan also said drawbacks had been detected
in some bakeries which should be eliminated.

In answer to our question when the next monitoring will be held and
whether breaches will be punished, Carlen Petrosyan said the Oversight
Service is not empowered to monitor but can turn to other services with
a request to monitor. "We will certainly give them time to overcome
drawbacks, we then will check and inform about the results," Carlen
Petrosyan said.

Despite the official conclusion, the public is not sure that quality
bread is baked in the capital in. At least of the three bakeries I
visited only one bakes bread which is fit to eat.