Mobilization In The American Manner

07-11-2007 12:44:18

USAID launched an anti-corruption conference on November 7, which is
the first step in the activity initiated by USAID. "Mobilizing Action
Against Corruption" the activity of the USAID is called.

The purpose of the activity is to fight corruption. For this purpose,
the activity involves creating possibilities for the citizens of
Armenia to fight corruption, changing the mentality of the public and
shaping an attitude toward the consequences of corruption, increasing
the likelihood of the citizens to stand up against corruption, as
well as enable structural changes in Armenia which will help reduce
the risk of corruption.

The new U.S. program will provide technical assistance to the
Armenian government in battling corruption. The NGOs will also get
assistance. The activity will create a mechanism of response to
complaints, centers for anti-corruption assistance and protection in
all the ten regions of Armenia, as well as in Yerevan. The program
will implement anti-corruption activities in collaboration with the
government agencies.

In the end the initiators of the activity defined corruption: abuse of
entrusted power for the private interest. This definition is applicable
to anyone in power, the booklet of the activity informs, adding that
the private interest implies not only personal but also group interest.

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