PM Serge Sargsyan Met With US Secretary Of State Condoleezza Rice

24.10.2007 16:22

On October 23 RA Prime Minister Serge Sargsyan met with US Deputy
Secretary of State Ruben Jeffery. Issues concerning the present and
future Armenian-American cooperation were discussed. In particular,
the parties turned to the activity of the Armenian-American working
group and the issue of further improvement of Armenia’s investment
climate. The Deputy Secretary of State noted with appreciation that
the US authorities are glad to see how American assistance has helped
reaching serious results in Armenia. PM Serge Sargsyan noted that
Armenia ahs done a considerable work in the direction of ensuring
firm bases for development, and the task of today’s Government is to
accelerate the pace of development. The parties agreed that Armenia
must be competitive on an international scale to be a winner in the
world investment market.

Following the meeting Serge Sargsyan and Ruben Jeffery participated
in the opening of the sitting of the Armenian-American working group
and came forth with an opening speech. Mr. Jeffery emphasized the
importance of stability of Armenia’s economy and the trends of rural
poverty reduction. Serge Sargsyan noted in his speech that Armenian
authorities pay great attention to the development of rural regions
and poverty reduction and do not rely upon exceptionally foreign aid.

RA Prime Minister gave an interview to Reuters correspondent. The
questions referred to Armenian-America, Armenia-NATO, Armenian-Iranian
relations, Armenia’s European integration, etc. in response to the
question about the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide,
Serge Sargsyan noted that the issue is a painful and important one
for every Armenian and before his departure for the US he promised the
Armenian people to personally thank all who had their contribution to
the adoption of H. Res. 106 in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US
Congress. Using the opportunity, the Prime Minister expressed gratitude
to all Congressmen who voted for the resolution, as well as to those
who were against the decision but accept the fact of the genocide.

In the framework of the visit PM Serge Sargsyan had a meeting with
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. A broad range of issues was
discussed during the meeting. Turning to the process of democratic and
economic reforms underway in Armenia, PM Serge Sargsyan presented the
continuous efforts of the Armenian authorities in this direction. He
particularly noted that the past parliamentary elections created good
bases for continuing the improvement of electoral processes. On behalf
of the US Government, Condoleezza Rice expressed willingness to assist
Armenia in solving the technical problems that may emerge during the
preparation of the presidential elections. The parties discussed the
current state of peaceful settlement of the Karabakh conflict and the
importance of speeding up the process. Reference was made to Armenia’s
relations with other neighbor countries, energy and security issues,
Armenia’s participation in international peacekeeping missions and
other issues of reciprocal interest.

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