TEHRAN: Iran’s President Talks About Ties With Armenia


Radio Voice of Islamic Rep. of Iran
Oct 22 2007

President Ahmadinezhad left Tehran for a two-day visit to Armenia to
meet and hold talks with Armenian officials.

Prior to his departure, Mr Ahmadinezhad told reporters at Mehrabad
Airport that during his visit, which is taking place upon an invitation
by the Armenian president, Iran and Armenia will sign a number of MOUs.

[Ahmadinezhad – voice] Fortunately the two countries have a mutual
understanding of the developments in the region, the importance of
bilateral and multilateral cooperation and expansion of ties.

Today, we continue our cooperation in various fields. We are expanding
our relations in the commercial field and some valuable work has
been undertaken in the fields of energy, electricity and gas. We
are having cooperation in the field of electricity and Iran’s gas
is being exported to Armenia. We are in the process of evaluating
the possibility to sign contracts for new electricity lines. In
the field of transportation valuable work has been carried out, a
bridge has been built on Aras River and is being used. With regards
to railways and other areas related to transport, certain issues are
being reviewed and are reaching conclusion.

We have good relations in the fields of culture and science and we
exchange students, as well as our scientific and cultural experience.

We have good relations in border and commercial issues and trade
various goods. Regarding investments, various grounds have been created
and Iranian investors are based in Armenia and negotiations for setting
up a commercial centre and a joint investment and commercial project
are being held.

Fortunately we have good relations and enjoy high level of political

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