US Congress may one day recognize NK independence, Azeri MP worried

US Congress may one day decide to recognize the independence of
Karabakh, Azeri MP is worried
19.10.2007 17:58

Expressing concern over the possible recognition of the Armenian
genocide by the US House of Representatives, Azerbaijani
parliamentarian Aydin Mirzazadeh declare during today’s sitting of
Milli Majlis that `no one can guarantee that tomorrow the US Congress
will not take a decision on recognizing the independence of Nagorno

`The fact that a democratic and civilized country like the US decides
to accept the made up genocide causes regret,’ the Deputy said.
Mirzazadeh noted that `the document will have a negative influence on
US standing in the region.’ `Therefore, the question must be discussed
in the Azerbaijani Parliament,’ he said. According to the Azeri MP,
`the Congress decision is directed not only against Turkey, but also
the Turkic world as a whole.’ `It is necessary for our parliamentary
group to hold discussions on the issue in the US Embassy in
Azerbaijan,’ Mirzazadeh added.

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