Watch Out In The Minefield Anahit Danielyan


19-10-2007 12:29:56

After the presidential election a positive "line" appeared in the
style of work of certain agencies: high ranking officials are now
more responsible regarding their statements.

It became known that the reason is not that they have become more
honest or responsible but they found themselves in the middle of a
minefield where a careless move will cause an explosion.

When asked to express their opinion or to comment on one issue or
another the officials are amazingly careful not to suddenly offend the
person overhead, even if a violation of the law is concerned. Sometimes
they nevertheless spell out their opinion but after a "warning" they
start paraphrasing their statements. After getting the warning others
prefer declining comment to stepping on a mine.

Both are in a minefield. Deminers do not walk in this field because
they are also afraid of "warnings". There are two ways: look for a safe
path or cross out democracy, enlarge the gap between the government
and people and make the public believe they make no decisions and
have no right to learn what decisions are made. Is this exactly what
Karabakh needs?

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