Taxes On Agriculture Will Grow


19-10-2007 12:32:29

As of November 15, 528 ha of land was sown, although 15467 ha was
ploughed, the Azat Artsakh reported.

In the recent meeting of parliament the chair of the Committee
of Production Benik Bakshiyan asked the prime minister whether
agricultural production will be taxed. It became known that now
producers of agricultural products do not pay taxes but they will have
to from next year. In Armenia, the government pays compensation, in
Karabakh the government does not. Is the government going to develop
agriculture through boosting taxes?

Prime Minister Ara Harutiunyan said the tax load must be relieved
but not through lax administration and tax allowances.

The prime minister said the government will try to raise the average
yield up to 250 kg per ha and develop an intensive agriculture.

In addition to arable crops, cattle breeding will also be
developed. "We are not producing raw materials. I have learned that
the milk factory of Stepanakert is going to close down due to lack
of milk," the prime minister said.

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