Presidnet Kocharyan Received Lori Marzpet

18.10.2007 16:12

Issues related to the socio-economic, healthcare, cultural and
educational programs implemented din Lori Marz were discussed during
President Robert Kocharyan’s working meeting with Lori Marzpet Aram

The interlocutors spoke about the progress implemented in the region’s
economy, particularly the opportunities of exploiting the chemical
complex of Vanadzor at full capacity. The Marzpet informed that an
agreement has already been reached with an Indian company on large
volume of exports and progress is observed in expanding the production
of color stones. Reference was made to the process of collection of
community revenues. The Marzpet informed that this year the revenues
were 13% higher as compared to the previous year.

The President showed interest in the process of accomplishment of
urban development programs in the marz, as well as the programs
implemented in rural regions.

Robert Kocharyan gave instructions regarding the issues discussed. The
Marzpet assured Lori will register progress in all spheres.