Turkey Lurking


Jawa Report, TX
Oct 16 2007

Funny, I don’t recall reading about any resolutions passed in the
House about the Soviet engineered famine in the Ukraine during WWII.

Nor do I recall reading about any resolutions passed in the House
about the Armenian Genocide when Turks were fighting alongside our
boys in Korea.

Was there a House resolution condemning the Rwandan genocide? If so,
I must have missed it at the time. Maybe there will be one when Rwanda
is a crucial supply base for our troops in Iraq.

The Ottoman Empire slaughtered over a million Armenians, yes, we
know. But the Ottoman Empire moulders on the ash heap of history.

While it’s true that Turkey denied us access to a northern front in
the initial invasion, and allowed the Sunni terrorists er insurgents
to mount a defense, that’s been more than balanced by the success of
the surge. Those who were fighting us then are fighting Al Qaeda now.

The Democratics in the House are on the verge of doing something
Saddam could only have dreamed of. Cutting off a vital supply line
to the troops.

An army with it’s supply line cut off is doomed to disaster.

Go ahead, Democratics, show us how much you support the troops by
passing this meaningless resolution against a regime that no longer
exists. Deny them the vital necessities they need to assure victory.

Because if this passes, I surely won’t dare to question your



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