Turkey And The U.S Disagree On History


Malaysia Sun, Malaysia
Oct 16 2007

Turkey has warned Washington of weakened ties if the U.S Congress
approves a resolution that brands as genocide the 1915 killing of
Armenians by Ottoman Turks.

The resolution has already been passed in the U.S committee and will
possibly be accepted by the assembly of the House of Representatives.

Ankara is a crucial military ally for Washington, which relies on
Turkey as a logistical base for the war in Iraq.

Some analysts believe the vote could weaken Washington’s influence
over Turkey and increase the likelihood of the Turkish army moving
on Kurds in northern Iraq.

Kurdish separatist rebels often use Iraqi territory to stage attacks
into Turkey.

Ankara recalled its ambassador from the U.S last week for
consultations, after the U.S congressional vote, which was condemned
in Turkey.

The non-binding Armenian bill now goes to the floor of the House,
where Democrat leaders say there will be a vote next month.

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