Who’s behind the Armenian genocide resolution?

uruknet.info, Italy
Oct 14 2007

Who’s behind the Armenian genocide resolution?

October 14, 2007

Who’s behind the Armenian genocide resolution? Tom Lantos (D-Tel
Aviv) is involved, so you could take a wild guess. We’re told it has
something to do with the strength of the Armenian Lobby! Juan Cole
says its the pro-Kurdish branch of the Israeli Lobby winning out over
the pro-Turkish branch of the Israeli Lobby. He lost me there. On
its face, it looks like a big Lobby loss, as the Lobby protects
Israeli ally Turkey, and has its own reasons for downplaying the
importance of any holocaust that doesn’t involve the Chosen People.
There’s a sort of holocaust beauty contest going on, and other
genocidal mass murders diminish the beauty of the winner.

Who’s behind the Armenian genocide resolution? Its pretty simple,
isn’t it? It is the timing that is odd, so the timing should tell us
something. Why stir up this issue and cause problems with
Turkish-American relations at this particular time, when Iraq is a
mess and the Kurds are making the Turks very nervous? The keystone
to the Zionist Plan for the Middle East is breaking Iraq into three
parts. The rupture was supposed to occur almost immediately after
the American attack. Since that didn’t happen, the ‘surge’ was
created to cause massive additional violence with the idea that the
country couldn’t hold together under the strain. Unfortunately for
the Zionists, the ‘surge’ has actually made the Iraqis even more
united, as they don’t want to give the Jews the pleasure of seeing
Iraq destroyed. State Department diplomacy is the only thing calming
the Turks down enough to keep them from a full-fledged attack on
Kurdistan. The resolution has so enraged the Turks that it is the
Zionist hope that the State Department will no longer be able to stop
the Turks from attacking. Putting Kurdistan into play is intended to
cause Iraq to fall apart. The Israelis have decided to instruct
their American operatives that breaking Iraq up is so important to
Zionist colonialism that Israel is prepared to sell out both its
supposed allies, the Turks and the Kurds (not to mention the

The resolution has nothing to do with appeasing the powerful (!)
Armenian lobby, and does no favors to either the Turks or the Kurds.
The only beneficiaries are Zionists who want to use a Turkish attack
on Kurdistan to break up Iraq.



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