U.S. move on genocide alienates Turkey

The Advertiser (Australia)
October 13, 2007 Saturday
State Edition


U.S. move on genocide alienates Turkey


TURKEY, which is a key supply route to U.S. troops in Iraq, recalled
its ambassador to Washington and warned of serious repercussions if
the U.S. Congress labels the killing of Armenians by Turks a century
ago as genocide.

Ordered after a U.S. House of Representatives committee endorsed the
genocide measure, yesterday’s recall was a sign of strained ties
between two long-time allies and the likely turmoil in an already
troubled region.

Egeman Bagis, an aide to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, told
media that Turkey – a conduit for many of the supplies shipped to
American bases in Iraq and Afghanistan – might have to ”cut
logistical support to the U.S.”.

Analysts said the resolution could make Turkey more inclined to send
troops into northern Iraq to hunt Kurdish rebels, a move opposed by
the U.S. because it would disrupt one of the few stable and peaceful
Iraqi areas.