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ADL Did The Right Thing

The history lesson provided by Khatchig Mouradian in his op-ed piece,
"What Would Lemkin Do?" on Sept. 28 is a valuable one. It was exactly
because of those historical lessons that the ADL has always
acknowledged the tragedy that befell Armenians at the hands of the
Ottoman Empire ? and that caused ADL’s New England office to raise the
issue with the national organization. The decision to use the word
genocide where it had not been used before by the ADL was an important
reversal, welcomed by partners and critics alike. ADL was asked to do
the right thing, and it did.
By belittling this major step, Mouradian is no longer making the moral
case for genocide, but misleading readers. He is trying to connect the
moral stance of recognizing genocide to a very problematic political
congressional resolution. The measure goes far beyond simple
recognition of the Armenian genocide, and seeks to make major changes
in U.S. foreign policy that every living former Secretary of State
thinks is unwise.

Esta Gordon Epstein

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From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress


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