Does The CIA Director Expect Baku’s Support In The Iranian Issue?


09.10.2007 GMT+04:00

The relations between Iran and Azerbaijan have lately become
colder. Baku tends to reach out more for Ankara, and the USA encourages
this tendency.

At the end of September "unexpectedly" the US CIA Director General
Michael Hayden visited Baku. Usually such visits are either widely
advertised or kept top secret. This is what happened this time;
nothing was ever mentioned about the General Hayden’s one-day-visit
beforehand, and after the visit not many details of it were made
public. The visit took place on September 28 and included a meeting
with President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and the Minister of National
Security Eldar Mahmudov.

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ According to some sources, the CIA Director arrived
in Baku late in the evening on September 27. During his stay in Baku
Hayden stayed in the private hotel in the city center, where special
security measures were taken. He left Baku early in the evening on
September 28. Most probably, Hayden arrived in Baku to find out Baku’s
final position in the Iranian issue. The USA made it quite clear to
the World Community that the issue of attacking Iran is only a matter
of time. And to realize this all that they need is the support of
the neighboring countries and first of all of Azerbaijan.

The Azeri Mass Media and political analysts have long been assuring
that the USA may use Azerbaijan as a base for the probable military
actions against Iran.

The truth is though that the US government has more than once denied
such a probability and the authorities of Azerbaijan also emphasized,
that they are not interested in taking part in the military campaign
against Iran, the country whose population is mostly Shiite like
in Azerbaijan and which is in very tight cultural and religious
relationship with the population of Iran.

In this issue the USA doesn’t count on Armenia at all, and this is
very right. Moreover the USA understands that in case of war Armenia
may completely fall out of the American influence, something which
they definitely do not want to happen. For Georgia the USA is the main
"fright" in its confrontations with Russia. There is only Azerbaijan
left which needs to be "cut" away from Russia and should be made the
"outpost" in the Islamic world. At present America has two more or
less reliable allies, they are Turkey and Saudi Arabia. But Turkey
may aside because of the Armenian Genocide. As for Azerbaijan, needs
being coaxed and the visit of the CIA Director in this regard is a
very profitable step.

In addition to all this, Hayden’s visit was very timely. The relations
between Iran and Azerbaijan have lately become colder. Baku tends to
reach out more for Ankara, and the USA encourages this tendency. This
is more than strange, if taking into consideration the fact that 80-85%
of the Azerbaijani are Shiite, like in Iran. However, the matter
of religion is of secondary importance in the given situation. The
territorial claims of Azerbaijan to its neighbors, except for Turkey,
are of much more importance.

The National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Chairman of Mejlis
of Iran Aladdin Borujerdi expressed his dissatisfaction with the new
geographic map made in Azerbaijan and announced that the territories
of Iran and several neighboring countries shown as the territories
belonging to Azerbaijan speaks for the US and Israeli policy carried
out in the region.

Borujerdi also added, that Iran respects the territorial integrity
of the neighboring countries, says the Iranian Agency ISNA. "If the
issue of the territorial claims is put forward, first of all the
territories of Azerbaijan, seized from Iran, should be returned,"
announced Borujerdi. The Agency ISNA assures that the new map printed
by the Institute of History of National Academy of Azerbaijan displays
the territories of Iran and of several neighboring countries as
belonging to.

Serious people do not pay any attention to the fact of appropriation
of land, culture and even origins. The only questions are how long
Azerbaijan will do whatever comes to its mind coming to believe in
US support and how long the USA will protect "the most democratic
President" of the Caucasus after Saakashvili of course.

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