Baku can’t continuously speculate on its oil


Baku can’t continuously speculate on its oil

If Europe’s demands for energy depended on Baku’s oil only, Ilham
Aliyev would be sure to unleash a war.
04.10.2007 GMT+04:00

Baku takes all the possible measures not to let the EU and PACE
Representatives into Nagorno Karabakh. The most surprising thing is
that Europe doesn’t ignore these `calls’ of Baku and refuses visiting
Nagorno Karabakh through Armenia. In this regard the visit of the
Armenian and Azerbaijani intellectuals to the conflict zone through
Baku became `a bad example’. Azerbaijan thought that if it was
possible for the diplomats and intellectuals to pass through the mine
fields, it will be applicable for the Europeans too.

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ It is quite understandable though that no one can
make the OSCE Minsk Group on Nagorno Karabakh Conflict regulation
reach there through this or that route. But as for the EU
Representatives and Members of PACE Mission they may be influenced
easily, and Baku successfully takes advantage of it, and example of
which may be the returning of the EU Representative in South Caucasus
Peter Semneby. It is only incomprehensible what could have scared them
away… As the member of Azeri delegation to PACE Rafael Huseynov has
lately announced, the Head of the PACE Mission for protection of
historical monuments Edward O’Hara wanted to visit Azerbaijan first,
but he planned to visit Nagorno Karabakh through Armenia. `We don’t
think it is right and we expressed our preconditions beforehand. It is
of great interest to the official Baku that the reporter studies the
condition of the monuments in Nagorno Karabakh. Nagorno Karabakh is
the inseparable part of Azerbaijan and the reporter must go there
through Azerbaijan. O’Hara represents international organization and
his safety will be provided,’ emphasized Huseynov. The same happened
on the autumn session of PACE when the visit of the PACE subcommittee
for Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict with Russell Johnston at the head
scheduled on October 8-12 was canceled because Azerbaijani side came
forward with a precondition according to which the delegation was to
visit Nagorno Karabakh through Baku. The head of the Armenian
delegation in PACE David Harutunyan once again emphasized that
Azerbaijan creates artificial obstacles for this visit and reminded
that for many years visits of the representatives of international
organizations to Nagorno-Karabakh, including PACE, have been organized
through Armenia.

In this case the position of PACE causes bewilderment, if taking into
account the fact that Russell Johnston mentioned, that the Council of
European is upset with the home policy in Azerbaijan and Armenia. `The
noticeable economic growth in the in Azerbaijan shouldn’t lead to
ignoring the principles of democracy adopted by the European
countries. Our basic worry regarding the political prisoners is that
many of them are old and ill. We are also concerned about the freedom
of speech, for recently seven journalists have been arrested in
Azerbaijan,’ said Johnston.

For the first time Baku was understood that it can’t continuously
speculate on its oil. If Europe’s demands for energy depended on
Baku’s oil only, Ilham Aliyev would be sure to unleash a war. But
luckily it is not so. Russia remains the main gas supplier, oil is
also provided by Russia and the Near East. Thus relying on such a
factor, which according to Aliyev may decide whether or not to let the
representatives of other countries to Nagorno Karabakh, is simply
unreasonable. By the way this is what the Deputy Chairman of RA
National Assembly Vahan Hovhannisyan. `The factor of the petrodollar
plays a very essential role in Azerbaijan’s actions. Most probably
they do not realize that any act of aggression will lead to sharp
seizure of this stream, since the first thing that will be destroyed
in the result of the Azeri aggression will be the oil facilities. It
will be destroyed immediately this is why the Azeri side must think
first whether or not it is worthy to saw the branches it is seated
on,’ he said. It should be reminded that the first thing Iraq did when
invaded Kuwait in 1990, it burnt the oil wells. But the clearest
depiction of Azerbaijan was given by political scientist Zardusht
Alizade: `Now we are on our direct way to the state of a country from
third world; with no science, no culture, and no perspective of normal
economic development. Money incoming from oil devours the soul and
body of our elite, and the people, who have never been bearers of rich
culture turn to those deprived of any values.’

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