BAKU: Azerbaijani parliamentarian from Karabakh against meetings

Azeri Press Agency, Azerbaijan
Oct 5 2007

Azerbaijani parliamentarian from Karabakh against meetings and
contacts with Armenian separatists

[ 05 Oct 2007 17:39 ]

`I will not visit Karabakh, if offered, as we are defeated party,
though temporarily, and Armenia is a winning party. How could we face
the winning party? How could we ground our visit?’ Elman Mammadov,
parliamentarian of Shusha-Fuzuli-Khojaly-Khojavand election
constituency #124, one of the representatives of `Nagorno Karabakh’s
Azerbaijani Community’ public union said, in response to the question
whether he will join the second visit of Azerbaijani intellectuals to
Nagorno Karabakh, APA reports.

The parliamentarian said he does not understand the aim of this
visit, he is against these meetings and contacts and underlined that
he will never visit the occupied territories as a defeated party.
`I will visit these lands, when Azerbaijani Army liberates them. I
will only visit Nagorno Karabakh as a winner,’ he said. /APA/

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