Playing Politics With Human Suffering


British National Party, UK
Oct 5 2007

Home Affairs correspondent reports.

Today’s generation of schoolchildren are leaving for university,
college or the workplace barely able to communicate in anything
other than "text speech", have little knowledge of our own nation’s
great and glorious history but Brown’s government continues to fund
the Holocaust Educational Trust to the tune of £1.5m to enable two
students from every secondary school in the country to be taken to
Auschwitz-Birkenau over the next three years.

130 students from the North East recently made the trip to the former
concentration camps in Poland where the horrors of the Second World
War are enshrined in a permanent memorial to the dead.

21st century politics is a dirty business, a once noble profession
undertaken by those who had the very best interests of their
constituents and the wider nation at heart. Today politics is
associated with sleaze, scandal, backhanders, bungs, bribery and
lies. It is also a dirty business which takes the widespread suffering
of Jews, Russians, Slavs, gypsies, political dissidents, homosexuals
and others and uses that misery to pursue a narrow political agenda. To
use the misery of those killed in the atrocities of the 1940s in
order to further the cause of political correctness is about as low
as it gets.

Our Jewish members and supporters are outraged to learn that the
tragedy of their people and of others, has been hi-jacked and turned
into a political tool by the political correct liberal-leftists
to bash those who have played no part in the horrors of that blood
soaked century.

Further to elevate just one of the many atrocities Man has inflicted on
Man is in itself discriminatory and racist. Emphasis on the lessons to
be learned from the horrors of the 1940s concentrates one peoples’
suffering and implies that only Europeans can be guilty of such
atrocities. It is racist because it minimises or completely omits from
the school curriculum the lessons to be learned from the massacres of
Christians in Armenia, the butchering of Serbs in Kosovo, the slaying
of Christians (including many of our own forebears) at the hands of
Islamic pirates as well as the ongoing ethnic conflicts in Rwanda,
Sudan and Burma.

As well as a firm grounding in the "3 Rs "our schoolchildren need
a stern history lesson that suffering has been universal.

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