Armenian Assembly Challenges Former Secretaries Of State Opposition


ArmRadio – Public Radio, Armenia
Oct 1 2007

The Armenian Assembly of America responded to the letter sent to
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi by eight former Secretaries of State in
opposition to H. Res. 106.

The Assembly’s response took issue with the ill-conceived letter,
calling it "inconsistent with the fundamentally tenets of American
values," and asked how many more excuses they could conjure up to
avoid the truth.

The Assembly letter also pointed out key facts that the former
Secretaries failed to discuss, including Turkey’s refusal to allow
the U.S. access to northern front at a critical stage in Operation
Iraqi Freedom, a refusal which cost American lives. The letter
concluded as follows: "Enough is enough. No more lies. No more
deceit. No more denial. By preventing a vote, you not only impede the
democratic process and do a great disservice to the 226 cosponsors
and the millions of Americans that support this resolution, but also
unwittingly encourage a campaign of denial. Is this the message we
want to teach future generations – it is permissible to deny genocide."

In a related development, the Foreign Minister of Armenia also
responded and squarely addressed the false assertions in the
Secretaries’ letter, and reaffirmed Armenia’s commitment for
normalization of relations with Turkey. "Armenia has always been
ready for normal Turkey-Armenia relations. Yet, every initiative
that would lead toward normalization has been rejected by Turkey,"
Foreign Minster Vartan Oskanian stated.

"The Armenian Assembly will continue to push for a concluding
affirmative vote on H. Res. 106 and urges the community to call
upon their Member of Congress to support the resolution today," said
Executive Director Bryan Ardouny. "We must not allow Turkish deniers
and whomever they line up to endorse their deceptions to succeed
in their attempt to derail affirmation of the Armenian Genocide,"
continued Ardouny.

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