NATO urges Azerbaijan not to recognize Armenia as an enemy


NATO urges Azerbaijan not to recognize Armenia as an enemy
28.09.2007 17:15 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ NATO rejected Azerbaijan’s military doctrine. The
draft, which was sent to Brussels earlier, was returned with a request
for revision.

Specifically, NATO urges Azerbaijan not to recognize Armenia as an
enemy. It also wants abrogation of some agreements concluded between
Iran and Azerbaijan.

The Azeri side is examining the proposals and will announce opinion in
the near future.

First deputy chairman of Azeri Milli Mejlis, head of the Azeri
delegation to NATO PA Askerov said the military doctrine is completed
and will be discussed at the parliament’s fall session. The
military doctrine doesn’t call for attack on any country but
provides for increase of Azerbaijan’s defensive capability,
according to him. `However, the document asserts Azerbaijan’s
right to return the lands seized by Armenia. Unsettlement of the
Nagorno Karabakh conflict forces Azerbaijan to recognize Armenia as
major enemy,’ Askerov said, Caucasian Knot reports.

The doctrine says that `occupation of Azerbaijani regions by
Armenia is the greatest menace to the regional security.’ It also
mentions of `territorial claims, interference into domestic
affairs, neglecting of Azerbaijan’s interests when resolving
international security problems, conflicts near the republic’s

`Formation of military groupings, violation of balance of forces in
the region, enlargement of military blocs and unions, military attack,
information damaging the republic’s security, encroachment of Azeri
citizens’ right abroad and international terrorism are also
attributed to threats,’ says a statement published by
Voyenno-Promyshlenny Courier.

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