BAKU: Azerbaijan – One of the Most Corrupted Countries of the World, Azerbaijan
Sept 29 2007

`Zerkalo’: Azerbaijan – One of the Most Corrupted Countries of the World

Such is the view of respective international organization
International organization Transparency International put Azerbaijan
on 150th place in the world on corruption level. Such are results of
annual report of this organization on corruption level in the world
countries made public very recently (`Turan’). Level of bribery,
degree of involvement of state officials in business, availability of
independent justice system and legislation on prevention of money
laundering, transparency of government and degree of controlling it
by civil society were taken into consideration while defining the
corruption level.
Rates are based on data of polls held amongst businessmen and
experts’ evaluation. Published report points to evident
interconnection between corruption level and poverty level. Countries
where corruption is widely spread can’t be rich, and vice versa.
`Corruption takes huge amount of money needed for education, health
care and infrastructure’, declared head of organization, Huguette
Report says that only countries involved with corruption can fight
and win corruption. Best medicines from this disease are democracy,
independent justice, mass media freedom, fight against tribalism
engrained in the cultures of many countries. However rich and
prosperous countries also have many things to work on. Their
corporations spoil leaders and representatives of corrupted states
with bribes, and financial institutes, specially offshore ones, allow
leaders and officials to hide money taken from people.
Amongst 180 countries Armenia took 99th place and in comparison with
previous year corruption level in this country hasn’t changed
remaining on 3.0 level accordingly to 10-point system. In Georgia
situation improved it took 79th place with 3.4 points against 2.8 of
2006. As for Azerbaijan situation has worsened, going down from 2.4
to 2.1.
Azerbaijan has gone down from 130 of 2006 to 150, along with
Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus. Turkey took 64 place,
Russia – 143. Of former USSR countries Baltic states enjoy the best
positions. Denmark is considered as the most non-corrupted country,
and the most corrupted one is Somali.

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