They Commemorate Monte Melkonian At Public Library

By Nairi Mouradian

AZG Armenian Daily

Last week, within the framework of celebration of 16th anniversary of
our republic’s independence, they commemorated Monte Melkonian. Many
guests, various artists, including Daniel Yerazhisht, were present
at the celebration. They held speeches paying tribute to Monte
Melkonian and to his contribution to the struggle for Armenia’s
independence. Daniel Yerazhisht represented a unique song dedicated
to Monte Melkonian. The song was revealed in quite interesting
conditions. Daniel Yerazhisht told that the found the lyrics to the
song near the cross stone on the grave of Monte Melkonian. After
he told the story of the song to the auditorium, he welcomed Gevorg
Hakchian, Lebanese-Armenian singer, for the song’s performance.

The activities of Monte as a prominent commander and fighting
orator were largely highlighted in the mass media sources. First
of all, Monte Melkonian was a scholar, a talented archeologist and
a historian. In the beginning of the event, the organizers also
represented biographical materials, documentary photos. While the
second part of the event-included recitals by the pupils of the Monte
Melkonian school.

One of the schoolteachers the pupils of their school have the
opportunity to be educated by the spirit and the ideas of Monte
Melkonian. Tigran Hayaznouni, participant of the Artsakh warm stated
that thanks to Monte Melkonian the corner stones of our independence
were laid in early years of the independence struggle.

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