Aronyan Is Winning


[12:06 pm] 25 September, 2007

The Armenian grand master Levon Aronyan celebrated his victory during
the World Championship in Mexico.

In the 10-th tour Levon defeated Alexander Grishchuk with white chess
pieces. After this success the Armenian chess player had 5 pointes,
thus became equal to Peter Lekoy and Vladimir Kramnik. The latter
tied the meeting with the leading player Anand. Now Anand leads the
match list with 6.5 points. Boris Gelfand is in the 2-nd place with
5.5 points. Aronyan, Kramnik and Leko share the 3-rd place.

In the 11-th tour Aronyan will compete with Peter Leko with black
chess pieces. In the first stage Levon defeated the Hungarian grand
master. Vishvanatan Anand will play with Morozevich. In case Anand
defeats the latter, he will retain his title of the champion.