Statement of President Robert Kocharian on the occasion of



Armenia Robert Kocharian addressed to Armenians on the
occasion of the Independence Day.
`Your Holiness,
Dear Compatriots,
Distinguished Guests,
I congratulate all those present and our entire
nation on the occasion of Independence Day.
The reestablishment of our statehood was an
exceptional historic event in the life of the Armenian
people. The determination of our people to build a
free, democratic and prosperous state was expressed
during the referendum on independence. This
determination has been evolving through the next
sixteen years, and numerous challenges have been
honorably prevailed over down the road.
Armenia of today is developing steadily. It can be
stated with confidence that our economy is on the
* Thousands of new jobs are being created,
* Income of the people grows considerably, poverty
reduces gradually, life standard improves,
* Thousands of our compatriots, who left the
country, are coming back to live a better life,
* Middle class is taking shape.
I am optimistic about Armenia’s future,
comprehending at the same time that there is still a
lot to be done, that there is a great potential to do
it, and that our people deserve better lives.
We are obliged to double our efforts to build a
modern and efficient statehood. That is why it is
necessary to continue with the reforms, deepening
their social aspect.
We intend to continue our support for the
subsistence of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic since
only matured statehood can provide for the security of
the people of Artsakh. The recently held presidential
elections in Nagorno Karabakh manifested the united
covet for independence, faith in their statehood and
willpower to defend it.
The Parliamentary elections of Armenia demonstrated
the trust of people in the current policies. I am
confident that the upcoming presidential elections
will also be conducted in accordance with
international standards, in the atmosphere of great
confidence. Consistent continuation of the chosen
political course is an important guarantee of
Armenia’s stability and progress.
Dear Compatriots:
Today Armenia is dependably protected by our Armed
Forces. On this festive day it is our solemn duty to
pay tribute to our fallen heroes. For today’s peaceful
life they paid with great efforts and with their
lives. Our unfailing Army is the source of pride for
every Armenian citizen.
Once again I congratulate all of us on the occasion
of the 16th Anniversary of Independence of the
Republic of Armenia. The Motherland of all Armenians
is stepping into a new stage in its development,
setting more ambitious goals. I have no doubt that
combining our forces we will achieve these goals and
will build a strong and prosperous state for the
generations to come.
Thank you.’

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