"Bee Line" vs. "Armentel" and "Vimpelcom": Soon in court


21:06 20/09/2007

"Bee Line" vs. "Armentel" and "Vimpelcom": Soon in

On September 25 the case of "Bee Line" vs. "Armentel"
and "Vimpelcom" reaches the Economic Court of Armenia.
"Bee Line," which has operated in Armenia for around
15 years, considers that "Armentel" and "Vimpelcom"
have violated its rights, using its name and symols in
ways that sometimes are confusing, all of which it
considers unlawful. "Bee Line" demands the two firms
cease their illegal activities, especially since the
two firms are well aware that the symbols of "Bee
Line" belong only to that organization, and beside
that know that using them are illegal and in general
not allowed and can confuse consumers. Representatives
of the "Harutyunyan and friends" firm, who are
representing "Bee Line," expect that "Armentel" and
"Vimpelcom" will cease their illegal activities once
the case is concluded.

Source: Panorama.am

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