Julfalakyan Discontent With Refereeing


[02:35 pm] 20 September, 2007

The Armenian delegation was in the center of everyone’s attention
at the World Championship in Baku. Azerbaijani journalists were not
allowed to interview Armenian coaches or wrestlers.

Instead, representatives of Russian mass media talked to the Armenian
national team. Levon Julfalakyan, the chief coach of Greek-Roman style
and Olympic Champion expressed his discontent with partial refereeing.

"I am not satisfied with the performances of my team.

My team was prepared to bring 2-4 medals from Baku and 5-6 Olympic
allowances. We won only one bronze medal and 2 allowances. The referees
did not allow us to compete properly. I ensure you, that I do not
like to complain and always look for the reasons of our failure in my
team, but here I have to point out the negative attitude of referees
toward the Armenian national team", he said. According to the coach,
specialists of any neutral country will express the same point of view.

"Roman Amoyan, 55 kg, European champion in 2006 competed with Rovash
Bayramov, European champion in 2007. The referees often helped the
hosts, and I wonder why they did not give any points to Amoyan.

Their judgment was also partial toward Arman Adikyan, 66 kg, who
fought for a bronze medal. The referees simply mocked at Denis Forov,
84 kg. At least the Armenian flag was raised in Baku owing to Yuri
Patrikeev", said the coach.

Julfalakyan finds that here everything was normal.

"Yuri was the only wrestler whom the referees treated fairly and the
result was the medal".

Julfalakyan thanked the employees of Azerbaijani security service
for their professional work.

"Of course, we felt embarrassed. It was difficult that we were
unable to attend public places, since the security employees always
accompanied us. But no incident took place due to the professionalism
of the employees of security service".

The Armenian team of Greek-Roman style took the 12-th place. The
winner was the US. Russia and Georgia followed the US.

Members of Turkish delegation complained of the World Championship in
Baku. The Turkish media wrote that the participants of the championship
faced many problems in Baku.

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