Sahakyan Told Co-Chairs Something Important In Khankendi-Stepanakert

17-09-2007 20:04:56

The OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs who had arrived in Yerevan on September
15 held a news conference on September 17 and presented both their
meetings and the current state of the talks. The meetings were with
the government of Karabakh on September 16 and the government of
Armenia on September 17. The Minsk Group co-chairs as usual describe
the meetings as fruitful but they advise to ask no questions regarding
the details because they are not going to answer them.

Merzlyakov, the Russian co-chair, said the meeting with Mr. Sahakyan
of Nagorno-Karabakh was fruitful. Perhaps he meant the NKR president
Bako Sahakyan because Merzlyakov did not mention which Sahakyan he
met. By the way, Bryza also mentioned the NKR president but referred
to him as "the new leader". Yuri Merzlyakov said regarding the meeting
with Bako Sahakyan they got interesting information which they need
to analyze. He said it was their first contact which, they think,
was positive.

The co-chairs stated with regard to their meeting with the Armenian
government it gave them additional stimulus to visit Baku. I hope the
meeting with the Azerbaijani government tomorrow will be as fruitful,
Merzlyakov said. As to the possible meeting of the presidents of
Armenia and Azerbaijan in Dushanbe during the CIS summit in early
October, the French co-chair Bernard Fassier said they cannot comment
on it because they have passed only half of the way of the regional
visit, that is they have visited Yerevan and Stepanakert and they
still have to go the rest of the way to answer this question. By
the way, in speaking about Stepanakert Bernard Fassier said
"Khankendi-Stepanakert". In answer to the question of reporters if
he did it accidentally, Fassier said he uttered that consciously. In
answer to the question why he gave the example of Scandinavians. He
says in Finland and Sweden where different peoples live there was a
dispute which is correct, Finland or Suomi. In the end they decided
to write Finland-Suomi or Suomi-Finland and solve this problem,
Fassier says, advising the Azerbaijanis and us to do the same.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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