ANC-WR Internship-Externship Program Wraps Up 2007 Summer Session

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ANC-WR Internship-Externship Program Wraps Up 2007 Summer Session

Los Angeles, CA – The 2007 Summer Session of the Armenian National
Committee-Western Region’s Internship-Externship Program (ANC-WR IEP)
concluded on August 23rd. The ten week program closed with presentations by
the participants summarizing their accomplishments while working to address
issues of concern to Armenian Americans. Graduating from the program were
interns Nareg Bostanian, Aida Siyahian, and Ankineh Zadoorian as well as
Taleen Mardirossian, an extern with the Foundation for Economic Development.

The closing reception and presentations were attended by ANC-WR leadership
as well as former IEP participants and the Aghjayan family, sponsors of the
ANC-WR Haroutioun Kasparian Endowment. The ANCA-WR announced the
establishment of an endowment fund in the name of the late Haroutioun
Kasparian of Los Angeles this January. The endowment fund is used to educate
Armenian American youth on issues related to the Armenian Cause. Haroutioun
Kasparian was a lifelong supporter of the ANC-WR who passed away on June 23,
2006. Among his memoirs, Kasparian wrote the following of his passion for
the Armenian Church and the Armenian Cause: "I would like to convey, after
my passing, that you [the Armenian people] must love the Armenian Church
because it is the Armenian Nation. And the nation has an obligation to work
for Hai-Tahd [the Armenian Cause] which is both our national pride and

Bostanian, a senior at Ferrahian High School, completed the program in which
he served as a Community and Government Affairs intern. In this capacity he
worked with the ANC-WR staff to schedule and coordinate district office
meetings with federal and state elected officials.

Mardirossian, a second-year student at El Camino College, worked with the
Foundation for Economic Development (FED) which is the contractor for the
California Trade Office (CATO). CATO strives to promote trade and commerce
between the state of California and Armenia and countries of the Newly
Independent States (NIS), Asia and Eastern Europe. In addition to helping
FED develop a press outreach plan, she also oversaw the initiation of a FED
news bulletin.

Siyahian, also a senior at Ferrahian High School, wrote press releases and
explored alternate media formats for ANC-WR news distribution as a Public
and Media Relations intern.

Zadoorian, a second-year student at California State University, Long Beach,
worked with the Los Angeles-Yerevan Sister City Association by helping the
organization with its publicity efforts and exploring program initiatives.

"I really enjoyed this opportunity to work with other student activists and
community leaders while learning about the Armenian Cause in greater depth,"
said Mardirossian. "The best part was that I was able to use what I learned
to make a difference while part of the program."

Established in June 2006, the ANC-WR IEP is a selective and intensive
program that provides student leaders and activists with an opportunity to
participate in an intensive internship designed to provide an in-depth
introduction to Armenian American issues as well as advocacy efforts on the
federal, state and local level. The program hosts spring, summer and autumn
sessions. You can find more information about the IEP by visiting

The Armenian National Committee – Western Region is the largest and most
influential Armenian American grassroots public affairs organization in the
Western United States. Working in coordination with a network of offices,
chapters, and supporters throughout the Western United States and affiliated
organizations around the country, the ANC-WR promotes awareness of issues of
concern to the Armenian American community.

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