Forceless Victims Of Public Needs

13-09-2007 16:26:18

On September 13, the day of the meeting of government, the so-called
victims of public needs who had been evicted illegally from their
houses demolished for the construction of Northern Avenue and
Central Avenue went on protest in front of the government. They
carried posters expressing their attitude towards the government and
its separate representatives: "Mr. Sargsyan, you cheated us", "The
president does not care for his people, how about you, Mr. Premier?",
"We need no liar president", "Punish who demolished our nests".

The citizens joined the homeless who may soon become homeless
because the public need has already reached their neighborhoods,
i.e. Koghbatsi, Firdusi, Akbiur Serob streets and the Orchards of
Dalma and Nork.

The prime minister had met with the victims of public needs before the
parliamentary election and gave instructions to the mayor of Yerevan
Yervand Zakharyan. The protestors said two months has passed but the
mayor has made no efforts for a fair solution of their problem. The
citizens have prepared letters for the government, the parliament
factions, political parties, presidents of different countries,
embassies in Armenia. They have already sent two letters to the
Republican Party and the ARF Dashnaktsutyun.

The letters hold: "If the parties pledged in their election programs to
build a democratic state and protect human rights, now we are merely
asking them to fulfill them." On September 13 the protestors handed
out a letter to Prime Minister Serge Sargsyan.

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