NKR: A Calling Session Of The NKR National Assembly


Azat Artsakh Tert
Sept 7 2007
Nagorno Karabakh Republic

On September 5th the first calling session of the NA fifth conference
of the NKR fourth convening took place. Before opening of the
meeting, pointing out that the Parliament convenes a calling session
for the first time in its new residence, the Speaker of the NKR NA
Ashot Ghoulian congratulated his colleagues and the other presents
in occasion of this event. According to the time-limit of NA, the
session began by performing the state hymn. Leaving anchanging in
previous session the previous stuff of the permenant commission of
NA, the session re-established the deputies Garik Grigorian, Romella
Dadaian and Ararat Danielian as the members of the commission.

Establishing the submitted agenda of the session, the Parliament
then established the agenda of the fifth session. Winding up the
discussion, the Parliament then listened to the notification of the
NKR CEC about organizing and carring out the election of July 19th,
2007, by which the chairman of the CEC Sergey Nassibian performed.

The last document, discussed at the session, was the draft of NA
decision about convening a special session of the National Assembly
in connection with accepting a post of the NKR president. In the
result of taken place exchange of opinions, the Parliament decided to
convene a special session on September 7th, 2007, at 17:00 o’clock
in NKR Officer’s House (st. Sasuncy David 3, Stepanakert). So the
maiden calling session of the NA fifth conference of the NKR fourth
convening finished the work.(press-service of the NKR CEC reported).

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