PM Serge Sargsyan Received The Delegation Of French Socialists

06.09.2007 14:27

RA Prime Minister Serge Sargsyan today received the First Secretary
of the French Socialist Party Francois Hollande and the delegation
headed by him.

Welcoming the visit of the French Socialist Party delegation to our
country, Prime Minister Serge Sargsyan noted that it will further
the reinforcement of the Armenian-French relations and development
of cooperation.

During the meeting the parties appreciated the active development
of bilateral relations over the recent years, which is proved by the
conduct of numerous arrangements within the framework of the Year of
Armenia in France and the Year of France in Armenia, the reciprocal
visits of the Presidents of the two countries, etc.

At the guest’s request, PM Serge Sargsyan presented the current
political and economic situation in Armenia, the perspectives of
development, the relations with neighbors, Armenia’s stance on
the solution of existing problems, as well as the opportunities for
reinforcement of Armenian-French relations in the economic, political,
educational, cultural and a number of other fields. Speaking about
regional problems, the Prime Minister dwelt on the settlement of
the Karabakh conflict, presenting Armenia’s approaches. Mr. Sargsyan
expressed hope that the conflict will be resolved though negotiations
with the mediation of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs, stressing that
there can be no military solution to the issue.

During the meeting Mr. Hollande turned to the issue of recognition
of the Armenian Genocide, noting that the bill adopted by the French
Parliament was the initiative of the Socialist Party. According to
him, currently the Party is working out a new draft law on criminal
punishment for the denial of the Armenian Genocide.

At the end of the meeting the Prime Minister wished success to the
Socialist Party of France, expressing hope that this respective
political organization will continue to endorse the reinforcement of
relations between the two countries.

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