Aliev Avoids Speaking Of Military Resolution?

By Agavni Haroutiunian, Translated by L.H.

AZG Armenian Daily #161

Karabakh Issue

"Azerbaijan is aware of the Armenian army’s capability, and that our
army’s efficiency is high.

That is why Azerbaijan has not realized its aggressive announcements
yet. However, in case of necessity the Armenian army will fulfill
the tasks set to it", announced Armenian Defense Minister Mikael

These kinds of announcements do not remain unanswered; the announcement
of the Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev at a sitting discussing issue
of the Azerbaijani refugees was a kind of answer. "We’ll never give
independence to Nagorno Karabakh", announced Ilham Aliyev according to
the Azerbaijani media. Naturally, he did not forget to mention that
the conflict would be settled in the frameworks of the territorial
integrity of Azerbaijan, providing protection of the rights of the
refugees and forcibly evacuated.

Forgetting about the fact that the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh is
already independent and doesn’t need anyone’s permit, the Azerbaijani
president announced that his country was for the peaceful settlement
of the conflict.

Nevertheless, "… if the Karabakh conflict is not settled
peacefully, the official Baku will use other variants of conflict
resolution. We are able to set free our territories in any way
possible", announced Aliyev actually avoiding to use the words
"military resolution". Moreover, Aliyev seems not to want to speak
about "the fighting ability" of the Azerbaijani army this time,
and speaking of the peaceful settlement of the conflict he didn’t
present the variants of the peaceful resolution.

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