Pensions And Political Situation


31-08-2007 18:03:53

In Karabakh the average retirement benefit is 12 to 13 thousand
drams. We cannot say what percentage of the basket of goods this sum
is because after the adoption of the law 6 or 7 years ago nobody has
bothered to count how much money a person needs to live. However,
one’s own observation is enough to state 12-13 thousand drams is not
enough to live on. Especially in winter.

The issue of the pensions was central in the election campaign. It
was raised before all the candidates. In each pre-election meeting
someone usually complained they had worked for 40 years and now have
to live on a miserable pension. People complained of both the size of
pensions, and the injustice of distribution of the pension fund. In
particular, the size of the pension of workers of security agencies
is several times higher than the pension of "the ordinary mortal."

During the election campaign they vowed to raise pensions. In
particular, the team of the president elect vowed a considerable rise
in pensions, which brought him a considerable number of votes.

Now good news. The Armenian government decided to raise pensions. Both
the basic pension and the annual additional sum for the years of

According to the government, the average pension will rise by 60
percent, in other words, it will total 25-26 thousand drams. It is
not much but is better than now.

Apparently, a similar decision will be made in Karabakh. The new
government will stand the chance to adopt this decision, which will
be appointed by the end of September. It will be the first account
on the performance of pre-election pledges.

Apart from the political component, the upcoming presidential election
in Armenia, the past election in Karabakh, manipulation of pensions
for propaganda, the rise in pensions is nevertheless good.

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