Investigation Team At place where Lori Prosecutor was murdered

An investigation team is working at the place where the Prosecutor of
Armenia’s Lori region was murdered. The team includes employees of the
Prosecutor General’s office, Police and National Security Service

2007-08-25 12:56:00

The Prosecutor of Lori region, third rank State Counselor of Justice
Albert Ghazarian was murdered near his house in Vanadzor, at 0:20am on
August 25, when returning from work, Armenian Prosecutor General’s
press secretary Sona Truzian told ArmInfo. A.Ghazaryan was shot four
times. He died of one blunt and three perforating wounds in the region
of his back, shoulders and neck. The operational investigative group of
the Armenian Prosecutor General’s Office, headed by acting Prosecutor
General Mnatsakan Sargsyan, arrived at the place of the murder. The
group found four bullets of Makarov handgun there.

The investigation department of the Armenian Prosecutor General’s
Office instituted a criminal case under Article 104 of RA Criminal
Code, an investigative group was set up, which includes experienced
employees of the Prosecutor General’s Office, Police and National
Security Service. All the necessary measures are being taken to
disclose the crime as soon as possible.

Albert Ghazaryan graduated from the Law Faculty of the Yerevan State
University in 1974. He has held the post of Prosecutor of Lori region
of Armenia since March 28, 2006.

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