Who Treats Arthur Baghdasaryan As "The Best?"


16:06 22/08/2007

Orinats Yerkir (OYeK) party has had a good rest during 20-day summer
vacations and is going to enter a new phase in politics. Heghine
Bisharyan, OYeK deputy chief of party, told a news conference today
the come back will be active and practical for OYeK. "We will actively
work in the National Assembly and outside of it. We will submit twenty
legislative acts and will watchfully follow that they are adopted,"
Bisharyan mentioned.

Speaking about the upcoming presidential elections, the deputy
chief of party said OYeK is undecided whether to go with a separate
candidate or support a common candidate. Anyway, Bisharyan is sure
the chairman of their party, Arthur Baghdasaryan, "is more democratic,
young political figure that may become the common candidate."

In her words, they also go to the gatherings of Paruir Hairikyan
and discuss the issue of nominating a common candidate. "Since
the negotiations are not over, I cannot say anything final," the
speaker said.

Bisharyan treats the nomination of Levon Ter-Petrosyan as "very
normal." "There is nothing extraordinary in that," she said.