Number Of Applications Submitted To European Court Has Decreased By


Noyan Tapan
Aug 22, 2007

YEREVAN, AUGUST 22, NOYAN TAPAN. The number of applications submitted
to the European Court of Human Rights by the citizens of the Republic
of Armenia has decreased by a few tens. This statement was made by
Alvina Gyulumian, a judge of the European Court, during the workshop
on the subject "The application of the provisions of the European
Convention on Human Rights’ Protection during the activities of law
enforcement bodies." In her assumption, this decrease is a result of
the fact that the examination of the applications is delayed for 2
to 3 years for objective reasons. It was mentioned that the number of
the applications sent from Armenia, which have not been submitted to
a final consideration, does not surpass 200. And in general, according
to Alvina Gyulumian, at present there are about 90 thousand unexamined
cases in the court.

It was also mentioned that after 2003 there was a great number of
cases concerning infringements of rights for taking part in peaceful
demonstrations and mass meetings, as well as those regarding the right
of a fair trial in the first group of the applications submitted
to the European Court from Armenia. The number of the applications
concerning the violation of free press, which is seldom met in the
practice of the court, including those of "Meltex" and "Noyan Tapan"
LTDs, is not so great.

According to Egrer Mayer, a judge of the European Court, Russia heads
the ten of the countries, which sent the 79% of the applications
received by the court: the applications submitted against Russia make
21% of the total number of the sent applications. Only last year 10
thousand applications were submitted against Russia. The applications
against Turkey make 10% of the total number. The Ukraine, Poland,
France, Germany, Czechia, Italy , Great Britain, and Bulgaria are
included in this ten of the countries.

It was also mentioned that about 50 thousand applications submitted
to the European Court are sent by individuals: the application of
Georgia against Russia makes an exception.