They Endorse Serge Sargsyan

21-08-2007 16:12:23

In a news conference on August 21 at the Pastark Press Club the
leader of the Union of Yezidis Worldwide Aziz Tamoyan called the
Yezidi community of Armenia to support Prime Minister Serge Sargsyan,
the leader of the Republican Party, in the presidential election of
2008. Tamoyan said Sargsyan is not only a devotee of the nation but
also conducts a balanced policy on ethnic minorities. Therefore Aziz
Tamoyan said the Yezidi community will support Serge Sargsyan.

In Armenia the Yezidis are thought to count 60 thousand. It is
notable that during the parliamentary election the Yezidi community was
divided because one part supported Samvel Babayan, while the other part
supported Tigran Karapetyan. Aziz Tamoyan supported Samvel Babayan.