September 1 Is Coming Up…


21-08-2007 10:15:51

Over a dozen of new schools will open in Karabakh in the new academic

In Martakert, which suffered more from the military actions in
1991-1994, new schools will open in the villages of Mataghis, Vank,
Verin Horatagh and Kochoghut. The school in Mataghis was funded by the
Canadian branch of Armenia Foundation. Levon Hairapetyan, benefactor,
built the school in Vank, the other two were built on donations of
Diasporan Armenians.

Last year there were 28 secondary schools, 8 eight-year schools and
5 primary schools with 2822 students in Martakert. 476 entered the
primary school last year.

Last year a new school was built in the village of Arajamugh, the
region of Hadrut. The school was funded by Tufenkian Foundation and
the Armenian Education Fund.

Tufenkian Foundation was established in Armenia over 8 years ago. The
organization set up an office in Karabakh in 2003. It mainly implements
projects of re-settlement. It also sponsors talented children,
implements educational and cultural projects, etc.

The director of the Karabakh office of the foundation Andranik
Gasparyan said they found new villages, for instance, Arajamugh,
or aid villages, namely in the region of Kashatagh. "We built a mill
in the village of Aygehovit, a medical station in Ishkhanadzor which
provides medical services to 20-25 adjacent villages. 40 hectares
of vineyards were laid out, some roads were repaired. We also worked
out a culture and education project. We set up computer classes for
schoolchildren and staffs. The first stage is complete, and we have
launched the second. We gathered and distributed textbooks. We set up
a library in cooperation with the ministry of education, culture and
sport. The foundation is also the sponsor of the Museum of History and
Ethnography of Shushi. We provide an annual 25 thousand U.S. dollars
for repair and equipment," Andranik Gasparyan said.

The NKR minister of education, culture and sport describes the projects
of Tufenkian Foundation as strategic. The village of Arajamugh founded
by the foundation in the region of Hadrut is 25-30 km from the center
of the region. "This village is important not only for Artsakh but
also for the entire Armenian nation. It is in an area which provides
our security," Andranik Gasparyan says.

"The school admits 80 children. 44 children will go to school in
the new academic year, the staff includes 11 teachers. 18 houses
have already admitted their owners. The houses are comfortable:
three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet
with 24 hour running cold and hot water. The Foundation is currently
building the building of the municipality and the medical station,"
the director said, the Azat Artsakh reported.

The traditional August consultations of teachers continues. The
minister of education and culture Kamo Atayan said in a meeting in
Askeran this year secondary schools take the first step toward the
European system of education. The first integrated final exams in
Armenian were held. In the upcoming academic year the first integrated
exams in mathematics and foreign languages will be held.

In Stepanakert fairs of school goods started. A family spends nearly
43 thousand drams (100 Euros) to buy all necessary things to send
the child to school. Last year the government provided 30 thousand
drams (about 100 dollars) to underprivileged families for each
schoolchild. This year there is not a government decision yet.