Obituary – Edward Isabekian


AZG Armenian Daily #149

Culture, Social

Another classic, Eduard Isabekian, People’s Artist of Armenia, passed
away at the age of 93 in his house in Ashtarak. He is considered to be
one of the best masters of monumental art in Armenia, a great master
of epic composition and portrait.

Isabekian was born in Igdir, on November 8, 1914. In 1941 he graduated
from the Fine Art Academy of Tbilisi. Since 1941 to 2005, including
the last exhibition held at RA National Picture Gallery, Isabekian
participated in numerous exhibitions. His pieces are exhibited in
many galleries both in Armenia and abroad, as well as in private
collections. In the course of the last few years, he had to give up
painting because of the loss of eye-sight, but he became an interesting
story-teller and interlocutor.

In 1967-86 he used to be the head of the National Picture Gallery
of Armenia. He was one of the founders of the Yerevan State Fine
Art Academy, he was one of its professors, as well as RA People’s
Artists, laureate of RA State Prize, Knight of "Mesrop Mashtots"
and Vahan Tekeyan Union’s "Ararat" medals.

He also received the title of Yerevan’s Honoured Citizend. The artists
also wrote the story of his hometown Igdir, a book entitled "Igdir."

The staff of "Azg" daily newspaper expresses condolences to the son
of the great artist professor Aram Isabekian.