Corruption Is The Danger Not Turkey

21-08-2007 15:53:30

Turkey is not what it used to be 15 years ago, stated Richard
Giragosian and Aspet Kochikyan, a Washington-based and a Lebanon-based
Armenian analysts, on August 21 at the Friday Club, who commented
on the outcome of the first round of the Turkish presidential
election. They say no breakthrough should be expected regarding the
Armenian and Turkish relation if Abdullah Gyul becomes president. The
reason, according to the analysts, is the ongoing global process
in Turkey, in which the role of the individual is small because the
issues under consideration concern bigger problems which stem from
the debates on the identity, the role and importance of the country
underway in Turkey. Richard Giragosian says currently Turkey tends
to face the East. However, despite the orientation of this country,
Armenia must be ready to have any kind of Turkey next door. And for our
country, according to Richard Giragosian, the internal challenges,
namely anti-corruption efforts and democratic reforms are more
important than Turkey or any other external danger. The American
Armenian analyst says he would like Armenia not to depend or rely
on either Russia or the United States but become a self-sufficient
strong and developed country.