"Stepanakert Will Not Be Shelled Any More"


21-08-2007 14:31:11

On the hundredth day of his office the minister of defense of NKR
Movses Hakobyan held a news conference and said the defense army
of NKR fulfils its goal and provides the security of the borders of
the country.

The minister said today the purpose of the defense army is not to
allow the enemy to take the initiative. "Now our army can sustain
the balance of forces on the line of contact. The foe knows it cannot
break the balance.

Otherwise, it would have already attacked," the minister said.

According to Movses Hakobyan, the experts who saw the military
installations confirmed that Azerbaijan will lose in case it wages
a war on NKR.

Movses Hakobyan also said although the name of the armed force of
Karabakh is the defense army, if necessity arises, the army is ready
to launch actions in the rear of the foe. The minister said the air
defense of Karabakh is effective.

"Stepanakert will not be shelled any more," the minister of defense