BAKU: Azerbaijani Ambassador States Azerbaijan Is Not Rejecting Retu


Trend News Agency
Aug 20 2007

Azerbaijan, Baku / Òrend corr I. Alizadeh / A project aimed at the
return of Azerbaijani citizens illegally residing in Germany has been
developed and both sides are considering the document, the Azerbaijani
Ambassador to Germany, Parviz Shahbazov, reported in Baku on 20 August.

"Azerbaijani citizens have been residing in Germany for several
years. They have been living their lives there. Therefore, returning
them from Germany within one day is a very complicated issue. It
requires special preparations and the signing of appropriate
documents," Shahbazov said.

The German side noted that 6,500 Azerbaijani citizens are illegally
residing in Germany. The German Government refuses to provide them
with political asylum and has plans to deport them back to their
country. German municipalities spend over ~H40mln a year on Azerbaijani
illegal immigrants. Germany states that official Baku does not want
cooperate with Germany on the matter.

Shahbazov said that the indicated number of refugees was not precise.

"However, the number of Azerbaijani citizens illegally residing in
Germany is close to that figure."

According to him, negotiations between the two countries regarding
the return of illegal immigrants to Azerbaijan are in progress.

" Azerbaijan is a young state and it lacks experience in this field.

Therefore, we want the agreement to be developed in an optimum way
and to be coordinated with all state bodies."

According to Shahbazov, there are cases where Azerbaijanis pretend
to be of Armenian origin in order to gain political asylum in Germany.

The ambassador proved that there are Armenians among Azerbaijani
citizens illegally residing in Germany and noted that for the time
being their return to Azerbaijan was impossible.

"I think after the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
Azerbaijani citizens of Armenian origin will also be allowed to return
to Azerbaijan," the Ambassador said.