"Armenian Theatre Cannot Exist Without Armenian Dramaturgy," Preside


Noyan Tapan
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Aug 20, 2007

YEREVAN, AUGUST 20, NOYAN TAPAN. The greatest obstacle of the
development of the Armenian theatre art is the admiration of foreign
things. This statement was made by Yervand Ghazanchian, the President
of the Union of Theatre Workers of Armenia, at the press conference,
which was held on August 16.

According to him, one should be carefull in respect of national values
and should not wear foreign clothes. "It is time to understand that
the Armenian theatre cannot exist without the Armenian dramaturgy,"
the President of the Union of Theatre Workers of Armenia mentioned.

Yervand Ghazanchian declared that the second All Armenian festival
of young producers will be organized between October 21 to 25. The
performances of nine producers from Yerevan, as well as of those
under 30 from the theatres named after V. Achemian in Gyumri and
after P. Adamian in Tbilisi will be presented at the festival.

At the same time, the President of the Union of Theatre Workers of
Armenia expressed anxiousness with the fact that there are no young
producers in the other theatres of Armenia. He is of the opinion
that at present young Armenian producers have problems not with a
free stage but with a free way of thinking. Yervand Ghazanchian also
made assertions that all the Armenian theatres are ready to provide
stage to all the young people of talent.

Attaching importance to the fact that the cultural life in the capital
"has got rid of polirazation", Yervand Ghazanchian mentioned that
the festival will be held in the region of Kotayk in 2008, where no
theatre from Yerevan has had tours for already 15 years. "Theatres
should be saved from the subjection of prefecturas and municipalities
by returning them to the RA Ministry of Culture," the President of
the Union of Theatre Workers of Armenia declared.