Acknowledge the Armenian Genocide Now

Acknowledge the Armenian Genocide Now

Sign our petition demanding the ADL clean up its mess

by Jewcy Staff, August 15, 2007

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According to Hrag Vartanian, a blogger who also works at the Armenian
General Benevolent Union, the backlash against the Anti-Defamation
League startedon June 10, when Jewcy published Fire Foxman, our call
for Abe Foxman to befired as head of the ADL in part for his denial of
the Armenian Genocide. Then the Huffington Post got on board, the
Armenian blogosphere took notice, and before long the Boston Globe had
published a supportive op-ed about the controversy.

Last night, the Armenian community of Watertown, Massachusetts voted
to break all connections with the Anti-Defamation League by severing
ties with itsNo Place for Hate Program, which attempts to promote
tolerance (though not,apparently, for descendants of the Armenian
Genocide.) Armenian-American activists in Watertown are promising to
lobby all 67 of the Massachusetts towns still participating in NPFH to
drop their connection, too. Ultimately, they want the Massachusetts
Municipal Association to stop working with the ADL entirely. These
activists have Jewcy’s emphatic support, and we willdo what we can to
help their cause along.

The ADL has made a monster of itself by denying a genocide. It has
made theentire Jewish community look morally incompetent for allowing
ourselves to be represented by someone who engages in Holocaust
denial. And it has earnedthe justified fury of the Armenian-American
community, which bears witness to the mass-murder of its forebears,
and refuses to see that memory trampledupon.

Several weeks ago, it might have been enough for Abe Foxman to give up
encouraging others to share his agnosticism about the Armenian
Genocide. But thecontroversy has gained momentum, and now it’s too
late for him to just stop talking. We think it would be fitting to see
Foxman take a sensitivity course on the challenges faced by the modern
Armenian-American community, but all we really want from him are three
simple responses:

Acknowledge the Armenian Genocide

Apologize to the Armenian-American community

Apologize to the Jewish community, for humiliating us before our

Over on the Shvitz, you’ll find John DiMascio’s first-hand account
from last night’s meeting. John DiMascio is an incorrigibly eccentric
columnist for the Watertown TAB & Press, and has played a leading role
in getting the ADL evicted from Watertown.

This isn’t just an abnormally short Jewcy article, by the way; it’s a
petition. If you’re with us, show us (and the ADL) your support by
signing on in the comments section. Tell us why you’re motivated to
sign, and, if the spirit moves you, either register (you can use a
pseudonym) or add your name.

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